The Truth about 1984:

Vixen wasn’t introduced in Justice League of America Annual 2, like Vibe, Gypsy, and the 2nd generation hero Steel. She was introduced in Action Comics 521.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The year is 1985:

  • For the 50th issue of Tales of the Teen Titans, Donna Troy gets married to mortal Terry Long. The wedding, in which all of the Teen Titans, past and present, attended, went off without villains, death, or despair interrupting it.
  • Superman Annual 11 tells the tale of Superman falling victim to the Black Mercy, a rare alien plant that puts its victims in a comatose state where they live out their greatest dreams. Superman dreamed of a life married to Lois without the threat of Super Villians. When awoken from his dream, he fines the real culprit behind the Black Mercy, Mongul, fighting Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman. He joins the fight angry that a near perfect life for him was just an illusion.
  • Black Canary gets an new look. In Detective Comics 554, Dinah Lance trades in her fishnet stockings for shoulder spikes. The look didn’t last for long but there is an action figure of her dressed up in it.